i) Supporting communities in Re-establishing indigenous food system


KIRDTI has been supporting farmers and their organisations in promoting sustainable eco-friendly farming practices since 2006 and worked with forest dependent, small & marginalized farmers to grow safe nutritious food using their own seeds and traditional knowledge/ wisdom. 

KIRDTI organise knowledge workshops, in partnership local communities. These workshops help in sharing of knowledge & learning from each other on food sovereignty aspects at different level. It also supports progressive farmers to demonstrate on farm learning scopes of eco-friendly agricultural practices and conduct exchange visits. KIRDTI has been facilitating up scaling of diverse indigenous food crops with agro-ecological farming practices & knowledge, conserving forest diversity flora and fauna and other commons to manage their lively hood. 

ii) Seed and Biodiversity Mela:


In an attempt to bring safe & nutritious food to the plates of peasant and consumers, KIRDTI & farmers of Keonjhar have been used community seed fairs as an approach to access, revive & strengthen indigenous seed, associated indigenous knowledge & farming system. The farmers of Keonjhar in association with KIRDTI have been celebrating local indigenous seed diversity resources through Community Seed Fair since 2009. Generally, the fairs are held for two days with indigenous seeds, uncultivated food, farming equipments & other traditional belongings, which are displayed in different stalls. Cultural exchange programmes are performed by participated indigenous groups, which create great excitements within the participating members.

Livelihood enhancement Programmes